Cover Song Recording

Singer Demo, Cover Song Recording

Vocal recording can be challenging, but at Alchemy Studios we have some great tools to help you sound your best!

Top Quality vocal microphones with World class pre-amplification to start the recording process so that your voice is recorded professionally. We also offer vocal coaching and evaluation to help you make the right production decisions. Editing and vocal tuning are also part of the production process so that we get all the right takes, sounding thier best. Finally mixing and mastering are included in the price so that you get a competitive sound at an affordable price.



Lisa Pozzonbon

Vocals by Lisa Pozzonbon

Recorded by Jeff Muller


The One and Only

Jillian Anderson

Vocals by Jillian Anderson

Recorded by Jeff Muller


Knockin on Heavens Door

Len Carlson

Len likes to do things his own way, for this cover of a popular song we added Slide Dobro as well as drums, guitars and bass.

Vocals by Len Carlson

All instruments by Jeff Muller


This Flight Tonight

Jeff Mojo Muller

Jeff Muller does a Metal Version of this old Joni Mitchell / Nazereth Standard

Drums by Bayan Sharafi, All instruments and Vocals by Jeff Muller


Until We Say Goodbye

Ashkan Hamzehi

Ashkan Hamzehi plays a cover of Joe satriani's Until we say goodbye. Video shot in front of the Alchemy green screen.

Recorded by Jeff Muller

Every style of music has unique production requirements, I also record Folk, Roots, Country, Bluegrass, Blues, Acoustic, Pop, R&B, Rock, Metal, etc.

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