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Jessica Charlton

Jess Charlton, Alchemy Studios

Currently hailing from Calgary, AB, Jess has worked with dozens of bands and artists on the local, national, and international level. An Engineer and Producer by trade Jess works with all genres from Folk to Funk, Death Metal to Greezy Blues, Traditional Country to Hip Hop & R&B. The total package, Jess has filled almost every roll within the industry and has an unparalleled passion for music and entertainment.

She is our Studio Manager, Engineer, and Instructor here at Alchemy Studios and is sure to bring your project to the professional level you deserve and desire.

Jess Charlton - Discography

Jess has worked with some amazing artists, including:

Nas, Mary Resek, The Greg Cockerill Band, Jon Isley, Matt Blais Connection, Finger 11, Crystal McGrath, Paul Brandt, Queens of the Stone Age, Bravado, Ill Scarlett, The New Pornographers, The Acapella Fellas, Oh Shit, and The Kronic Groove - to name a few. Click here To see a full list of credits - Discography

Alchemy Studios Jess Charlton in Beatroute

At the young age of 24, Charlton has already worked for Calgary studio The Beach Advanced Audio Recording and has now set up shop at Alchemy. She has recorded local bands We Found the Body, Whorehouse Massacre, Dead Salvation, Fetal Defilement and Train Bigger Monkeys. Her resume also boasts tracks from Nas, Queens of the Stone Age, the New Pornographers and IllScarlett.
“There is not an aspect of music that I won’t touch or that I won’t do,” she explains enthusiastically from one of the studios gorgeous mixing rooms. In the same studio she teaches courses – in a curriculum she designed – through the Alberta Academy of Recording (AAR).

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Train Bigger Monkeys - TBM Website
After almost 3 years of false promises and failed attempts to find a capable and reliable studio with which to record our debut album, which resulted in an absurd amount of wasted time and money, we had just about given up hope that our album would ever see the light of day.  Due to the loss of funds and patience we eventually decided to just do all the recording ourselves.  While more economically sound, the results were...   Well, let’s just say “noticeably amateur”.  We still needed someone who knew what the hell they were doing to mix this basement recorded mess into something worthwhile.  Someone who could accomplish what we wanted and wouldn’t make promises they couldn’t keep.  Enter Alchemy Studios.

Jess Charlton from Alchemy Studios was the first to answer our plea.  With a very limited budget and some very rough tracks she really made some magic happen.  Simply put, we were amazed at what could be accomplished with a real professional.  After all the grief that this project had given us there really wasn’t much else in this world that we hated dealing with more.  We just wanted to be done with it.  But Jess’s enthusiasm and attitude towards it all was a real breath of fresh air and actually made it fun again.  She really knew what we were going for and did everything she could to make it happen.  Not only is Jess a talented engineer, but she also had a lot of great ideas that we had not even considered that really took our songs to the next level.  She did some really amazing work with such limited time and resources to work with.  The end result was an incredibly polished, professional sounding album that was far beyond our expectations.

Thanks Jess for all your hard work.  We know exactly where we’ll be going for album #2.

Train Bigger Monkeys

Pauline Lynnes - A World Filled With HU
I’ve been working with Jess for the last 3 months on my new album and she’s top – notch! I know she hears things other don’t and for a sound engineer, that’s precious. She’s dedicated, hard working, extremely creative and easy going. That’s a bonus! I expect the impossible and Jess delivers – no questions asked! We have a lot of fun recording. Jess is going to be famous, it’s a good thing to work with her now and while her rates are still good.

-Pauline Lynnes (singer/songwriter)

McInnis & Holloway Funeral Homes Ltd - Website
I was asked to have an informational recording made for our annual Tree Dedication event. I had no idea where to start when I came across Alchemy Studios and Jessica Charlton. She was very helpful in suggesting great talent and voice demos for our review. This allowed us to choose a perfect voice for our event and she was able to schedule the recording on a time that was convenient for us.
I had contacted other companies before but they were not able to offer anything close to the great service we received from Alchemy Studios. 
The final product was well received by everyone in our company. Most importantly, we were proud to provide the families we serve with a wonderful recording sure to make the day more special on their time of remembrance.
We would like to thank everyone at Alchemy Studios for their time and resources and we extend our gratitude to Jessica Charlton for all her input in this project as well as her expertise. We will definitely keep your company in mind for any future media needs that we might have.
Thank you again!

Deborah Sedinger
Administrative Assistant
McInnis & Holloway Funeral Homes Ltd.

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