Country, Roots, Blues Music Production

patrickAlchemy Studios Control Room

Every style of music has unique production requirements,We have recorded Folk, Roots, Country, Bluegrass, Blues, Acoustic pop, Reggae etc.

The studio has some great mics and some fine sounding spaces to record in. Some artists prefer a strictly acoustic sound while others like to produce thier songs a little more, adding many layers and instruments. I am comfortable working either way and can help you achieve any sonic flavour you like.

Country, Roots, Blues Music Samples


Diesel Smoke

Ryan Notley

Ryan wrote this song and plays Guitar and Sings

Bass, Electric and Slide Guitar by Jeff Muller.



Island In The Sky

Island in the Sky is a 3 piece band from Calgary. Recorded by band member Spencer Macintosh

Mixed and Mastered by Jeff Muller

toni vere cd

Grandma's Old guitar

Toni Vere

Toni writes some fantastic songs. Grandma's old guitar tells the story of Toni's musical history.


Knocking on Heavens Door

Len Carlson

Len likes to record covers of popular songs, but do them his own way

All Instruments by Jeff Muller.

Sally Titasey

Who Knows Why

Sally Titasey

Sally Titatsey sings and plays guitar, keys by Steve Fletcher, drums by Kevin Belzner.

Bass and Guitar solo by Jeff Muller

JOTA cd cover

Hole in the Tent

Jaye D Marie

Jaye sings and plays piano.

Guitars, Drums, Bass and Dobro solo by Jeff Muller


Lost Train


Derwood wrote this song and plays harp and guitar. Lost train is a great Country / Roots song

Bass, Mandolin and Slide Guitar by Jeff Muller.

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