Dead Salvation | Fetal Defilement

Dead Salvation | Fetal Defilement at Alchemy Studios

Dead Salvation | Fetal Defilementdead salvation drums

CD - Death is an Artform

Death is an artform


“Coming into Alchemy Studio as a first time recording artist, we had attempted unsuccessfully many times before to record our own work. We did not expect the relaxed atmosphere of Alchemy studio, which we found extremely conducive to the sound of the overall feel of our recorded album. Although we had only 24 hours to record a full 10 song album, we pulled it off with great results which I can only credit to our sound engineer, Jess Charlton at Alchemy studios. There was a lot of constructive input which really enhanced the feel to our overall sound in ways we didn't even imagine, and for that I am very grateful. I would recommend any recording artist to use Alchemy studios as a great place to enjoy, relax and record their hard work"
Best regards,
Daniel Levenson
Dead Salvation & Fetal Defilement

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