Dennis Ty

Dennis Ty - A Long Way Home

Dennis spent fifteen months in Iraq working with the United States Marine Corps training Iraqi Border Guards in Al Anbar Province, Iraq from May 2007 through August 2008. Dennis brought away from the experience lots of memories and images, and lots of songs.

I had the pleasure of working closely with Dennis developing the arrangements, and then playing and recording all the instruments except for the piano tracks. Dennis then recorded the vocals at his own place and brought the songs back for final mixing.

The Songs

Please remember these are low quality mp3s - CD quality is much better

01_Gonna Have - this is a fun, funky uplifting kinda song

03_Checkpoint Sarah - A song inspired by evenys in Iraq

06_Back Home Time - A great song about missing the pnes you love


Dennis Ty wrote: Sometime in 2009 I decided I was going to try and put together an album of all the songs I had written.   I needed to find a good studio.   By luck, or fate, my first choice was Alchemy Studios in Calgary, Alberta, Canada,   This studio was run by Jeff Muller, a wonderful guy with a great sense of humor.  

It became obvious almost immediately that I had stumbled onto buried treasure.   Jeff Muller was fantastic in every sense of the word.  Not only did he have a way of getting into your head and knowing what you wanted from a song, but then he had the immense talent to pull it off.  You can go here, www.alchemystudio.ca to see his work.  I can not endorse his studio enough.

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