Audio editing

Audio editing

Alchemy also features Digital Editing and Track enhancement and audio sweetening, When you need to make sure its perfect we also have track and vocal tuning available.

From microscopic waveform analysis for repairing or reconstructing waves to cleaning, denoising and declicking, sound replacement, pitch shifts, time shifts and alignments, layering, stereo imaging etc.>If you can imagine it, Alchemy Studio can make it a reality.

Digital mixing takes place within Nuendo or Pro Tools, so everything can be instantly recalled from session to session. There is enough computer processing power that I can run over 100 channels with dynamics, 10Fx returns and automation for just about every parameter! I recently recorded a project that used 120 tracks.

Of course your project may not be that complex and I consider each song and mix on an individual basis to suit your needs! You can also radically change song arrangements. Stops or pauses, dropouts, automated fx or filter sweeps and track sweetening all can be done at the mixing stage. Once your song is mixed you can send it to a mastering house or have it mastered at Alchemy. (see Mastering page)


Alchemy Recording Studio

Alchemy Studio was built to record bands! 3 isolation rooms plus a spacious control room make it easy to accomodate single performers to large groups. Every instrument can be isolated in it's own room, making it easy to correct mistakes and perfect your tracks while still playing together.

Check out the LAB for great recording value

The LAB comes with the same world class microphones, pro tools 8 and an experienced engineer.

Loops and Samples

Both the LAB and Alchemy Studio have the same HUGE library of loops - about 12,000 in various pro collections AND the entire R.A.W. Collection of 38 000 loops for a total of over 50 000 loops.

Also a large collection of samples and sound effects, drum libraries etc ( see below )


Alchemy Studio has the Halion sampler with a nice collection of string , bass, drum and piano sounds. We also have all the Logic Pro Sounds available.

The LAB features pro tools 8 with a very similar library of sounds.

Alchemy Studio Gear List

Pre Amps and Input Chain

Focusrite Liquid Channel - read more about this amazing pre amp

MOTU 24 I/O and 2408 converters, Focusrite Octepre
8 channel preamp, TC Works Helicon vocal processor, Joe Meek Twin QTS pre-amp, BK Butler Tube
Works tube pre-amp, Art Pro-MPA dual tube preamp, Art Firetube 8 channel tube preamp


JBL 834 self calibrating studio monitors in the control room, large bi-amp JBL system fir tracking, 2.1 system in the drum room, various headphone feeds.


Always popular -Neumann / 1 - TLM103, read more - The best Mic in the World?

Mohave Audio / 1 - MA - 200, Rode / 1 - tube ntk / 2 - NT5, Sennheiser / 2 - e604 / 1 - e602 / 1 - 441 / 1 - 409, AKG / 2 - C 1000 / 2- D112 /2 - C 2000 / 1 - C519, Shure / 4 - SM57 / 2 - beta 58 / 2 - SM58, Audio Technica / 2- Pro37 / 2 - ATM25


Sans Amp Bass Processor, Radial J - 45 Direct Boxes, Joe Meek Twin QTS compressor, Lexicon Mpx
200 processor, Aphex Aural exciter w/big bottom, DOD gated compressor limiter, Rane channel
31 band graphic E.Q.

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