Hip Hop

Hip Hop Production

Hip Hop and R&B like most styles of music have "special" production needs. If you need a polished professional sound that will get you noticed right away, we can help. Nothing gets you respect faster than a great recording of your song.

Think about the artists you admire and respect, chances are they have fairly amazing production. Like it or not, that is the competition and your mix must rise to the challenge. Alchemy Studios offers professional recording, song developement and custom music tracks for your lyrics.

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New Video from Monk-Key Marc

Monk-key Marc, a local Hippy Hop ( yes you read that right ) Artist uses a mix of Loops and Live instruments with Inspiring Lyrics. Marc's CD was recorded with Jeff Muller at Alchemy Studios. Check out this video Marc put together - cheers

hiphop demo cover

Hip Hop demo reel

Produced by Jeff Muller

Various Instrumental Tracks - All tracks on this demo reel performed / produced by:Jeff Muller

For custom tracks for your song, please contact us


ty poeta


Ty Poeta

Ty Poeta with Mac Lethal

Recorded By Jess Charlton




Focus - Angel & K - Black

Recorded By Jess Charlton


Hard Knock


Hard Knock - Gizzle

Recorded By Jess Charlton

Recent Mastering - Co ( hip hop )

Up Coming release, Co - One Mind

Before Mastering / Co - One Mind

After Mastering / Co - One Mind

Hip Hop artists usually come in with the beat or backing track already done and record vocal tracks, then mix and master the songs. Ocassionally we are asked to produce the backing track as well. If you need custom beats and backing tracks, editing or song arrangement, or whatever you can imagine - needles dropping, scratch and hiss, sample stretching or pitching, sound fx etc., we can make it happen. The only restriction is your time and commitment level.


Vocal isolation rooms for great vocal tone, perfect for singing or voice over.Ask about vocal tuning, layering and vocal production customized for your voice.

Loops and Samples

Both the LAB and Alchemy Studio have the same HUGE library of loops - about 12,000 in various pro collections AND the entire R.A.W. Collection of 38 000 loops for a total of over 50 000 loops.

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