Metal Recording & Production

Metal Music Production & Recording

Alchemy Studios has been a supporter of Metal and Hardcore music for over 15 years in Calgary!

Metal music production requires special attention to the the drum and guitar tracks. Drums need to be carefully tuned and mic'ed and sometimes need to be triggered or have sounds replaced entirely. Guitars should be doubled up for a thick sound and often we will record with 2 or 3 mics and cabinets per take as well as the clean line-out for re-amping later if required. Often a band will record to a click track and try to get the drum track as tight as possible and then put a little extra time into drum production and editing before proceeding with the the guitar, bass and vocal tracks. Other times a band will record "live off the floor" and strengthen tracks after.

Metal Music Samples

Empty Visionaries


Constant Questions

Empty Visionaries

Empty Visionaries, from the CD A Narrow Path - All songs by Empty Visionaries

Recorded and Mixed by Jeff Muller

Empty Visionaries wrote - "Alchemy Studios had great equipment to work with and it was easy to get in contact with them and set up a time to come in and record. Jeff had a good attitude towards our music and knew the sound we were going for."

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Cast Out The Cowards

The Path Less Travelled

Songs and musical performance by The Path Less Travelled

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Jeff Muller



Red Eye Remedy


Songs and musical performance by Dextrous

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Jeff Muller


samsara cd cover


New World


Song and musical performance by


Produced By Jeff Muller


hellrazer - operation overlord



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We recorded our entire 12 track CD at Alchemy studios under Jeff's guidance.  Jeff not only brought out the best in all four band
members, but also had numerous excellent ideas to enhance our songs.
In addition, Jeff's level of technical competence is impressive, both with regard to sound engineering and computer processing.  This also
showed during the mixing phase, giving rise to a final product that exceeded our expectations. 

On a personal level, Jeff is patient and
has a good balance between humor and the professionalism needed for success. Altogether, this was a phenomenal experience, and we would be happy to return to Alchemy studios for our next set of recordings.








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