Phyllis Wheaton

In the Mood for Peace - the Story of the Izzy Doll

Phyllis Wheaton - In the mood for peace, the story of the izzy doll

Phyllis Wheaton is a Canadian-born singer/songwriter
whose works reflect her many adventures in this country and
abroad. Powerful voice and persuasive lyrics, written from a place of experience she writes and sings Folk, Blues, Country and Celtic. Harmony is her second language and she's provided back up on stage and studio for many performers.

Phyllis writes and sings about who we are as Canadians; the pioneer, the farmer, the cowboy, the soldier, the Peacekeeper, friends, and lovers.

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In Harms Way

In Harms Way - Phyllis Wheaton

The First Song

The First Song - phyllis Wheaton


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Phyllis Wheaton wrote:  'No Ordinary Cowboy' was the first recording I made at Alchemy. I was amazed with the guitar riffs he created on the spot, which as it turns out no one could duplicate, and his trained ear for harmonies and open mind produced a classic. 

Two dozen published songs later, I look back at Jeff's ability to take my raw song ideas and masterfully deliver instrumental and production ideas that has kept me eager to return to the studio to watch the mystery and personality of each song unfold.

Hear a sample of - No Ordinary Cowboy

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