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Pop Music Production

Every style of music has unique production requirements. Pop needs to be crisp and tight, with killer vocal production. When you are aiming for airplay, the arrangements should be smooth and interesting and never boring. Alchemy Studio has the experience you want, Slick, polished, broadcast quality production is standard.Alchemy Studios offers professional recording, song developement and custom music tracks for your lyrics.

Alchemy studioAlchemy studioAlchemy studio

Vocal recording can be challenging, but at Alchemy Studios we have some great tools to help you sound your best! Top Quality vocal microphones with World class pre-amplification to start the recording process so that your voice is recorded professionally. We also offer vocal coaching and evaluation to help you make the right production decisions. Editing and vocal tuning are also part of the production process so that we get all the right takes, sounding thier best. Finally mixing and mastering are included in the price so that you get a competitive sound at an affordable price.



Electrify My Body

Jenna Jream

Single Release

Recorded anhd Mixed by Jeff Muller


demo cover

Dance, R&B demo reel

Produced by Jeff Muller

Various Instrumental Tracks - All tracks on this demo reel performed / produced by:Jeff Muller

For custom tracks for your song, please contact us



You Love Me Anyway



sitori life cd cover

Holdin My Own

Satori Life

From the CD Planet Music 2009, all performances by Sitori Life

Produced By Jeff Muller


Jim Whitstrom

Welcome to the Love

Jim Whitstrom

Jim Came into the studio with a rough version of this song. We used some of the keyboards from the old track, and added drums, bass, more keys and of course guitar.

If you are a band or songwriter that needs some professional production - we can help. If you are a vocalist that needs a backing track for your song - we can help.

Many of the artists that have recorded at Alchemy have gone on to reach a much bigger audience for thier songs through sales, airplay, youtube and downloads.

Annika Odergard - Hey You

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