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The Studios

Alchemy Recording Studios contains 2 recording studios, a video / photo studio as well as a spacious lounge area.

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Alchemy Studio - Created for bands and musicians, Alchemy studio features 4 rooms and an outstanding selection of gear and instruments.

Alchemy is a large 4 room studio with 22 x 18 control room, 12 x 18 drum room, 10 x 8 vocal isolation room and amp isolation room. World class mics and pre-amps. Ideal for Bands and Groups, with plenty of space in the control room, and isolation for all instruments.


The Lab - The Lab features a very nice vocal room and pro tools 8. Perfect for vocals, acoustic instruments, voice over, small groups, and audio for video.

The LAB is a quality audio production studio built for oustanding vocal recording. 10 x 12 vocal room, and a 12 x 16 control room. We also have a good selection of virtual instruments, sound fx and over 50,000 loops for music and soundtrack production


Video Stage - Ready to use with lights, camera and a huge green screen. Video editing and production on Final Cut Studio.

20x30 Video / Photo Studio. Lights, Sound System and Green Screen included, or shoot against the background of your choice.  You Bring The Camera & Operator, or ask us to supply the crew. Washrooms and Make up area, private change room and the Lounge area ( as below )


Available for your use whenever you book Alchemy Studio, The LAB or the Video Stage. With a fridge, microwave, coffee-maker, TV and DVD player, air hockey and a pool table for your entertainment; feel free to use this large new renovated common room to relax during video production or recording in The LAB.

Alchemy Studios microphone

Vocals ( click for more information )

10 x 8 Vocal isolation room for great vocal, or instrument tone.

Alchemy Studios guitars

Guitars ( click for more information )

Check out our selection of amps and guitars

Alchemy Studios drums

Drums ( click for more information )

A Studio Quality 6 pce. with maple shells and zildjian cmybols

Alchemy Studios bass guitar

Basses ( click for more information )

Don't forget the longnecks - we all know bass tone is crucial.

Alchemy Studios keyboards

Keys and Samples ( click for more information )

Weighted 88 key controller and some world class sounds.


Alchemy Studio Gear List

Pre Amps and Input Chain

Focusrite Liquid Channel - read more about this amazing pre amp

MOTU 24 I/O and 2408 converters, Focusrite Octepre
8 channel preamp, TC Works Helicon vocal processor, Joe Meek Twin QTS pre-amp, BK Butler Tube
Works tube pre-amp, Art Pro-MPA dual tube preamp, Art Firetube 8 channel tube preamp


JBL - LSR - 4328 self calibrating studio monitors in the control room, large bi-amp JBL system fir tracking, 2.1 system in the drum room, various headphone feeds.


Always popular -Neumann / 1 - TLM103, read more - The best Mic in the World?

Mohave Audio / 1 - MA - 200, Rode / 1 - tube ntk / 2 - NT5, Sennheiser / 2 - e604 / 1 - e602 / 1 - 441 / 1 - 409, AKG / 2 - C 1000 / 2- D112 /2 - C 2000 / 1 - C519, Shure / 4 - SM57 / 2 - beta 58 / 2 - SM58, Audio Technica / 2- Pro37 / 2 - ATM25


Sans Amp Bass Processor, Radial J - 45 Direct Boxes, Joe Meek Twin QTS compressor, Lexicon Mpx
200 processor, Aphex Aural exciter w/big bottom, DOD gated compressor limiter, Rane channel
31 band graphic E.Q.

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