Business Video

Whatever business you’re in, video works!

Canadian consumers watch more on line videos than anyone else in the world.

  • Video delivers more information about you
  • Makes you appear more professional
  • Captures attention more quickly than the written word
  • Leaves a longer lasting impression
  • Reaches new customers

Business Videos

Alchemy Studios Video Graphics Demo

Alchemy Studios Video Graphics Demo
This is a video compilation of some of the projects completed by Alchemy Studios over the past year.

Quicktime / Mobile / YouTube


Back Buddie product promo

Back Buddie Retail Product Promo
A new video to promote the Back Buddie Lotion Applicator to potential retailers. This is an edited version - please visit to see the full video - thankyou

Quicktime / Mobile / YouTube


top prospects goaltending video

Top Prospects Goal Tending
A new video to announce Top Prospects Goaltending training school.

Quicktime / Mobile / YouTube


Us Properties video at Alchemy Studios
US Properties Tax Lien Promo
This video was shot on the green screen in the video studio.


Us Properties video at Alchemy Studios
Heart Fit Clinic - Meditation DVD
This video was shot on the green screen in the video studio and then edited into a marketable and informative video product.


Our Video


The real power of video is that so much information can be exchanged with the wiewer in such a short time. For instance - in our Video below, I simply take you, the viewer on a quick walkthrough the studios. BUT, I can't do that on the phone, I can't do that with pictures and text, but if you watch the video - you start to get it!



Think of what a video could do for your business or event - it is always there, 24 hours a day, available for veiwing, anywhere around the world!

Creating Video with Alchemy Studios

If you've been browsing through this website, you probably know that you really need video to stand out and get noticed online. But where to start? And how does it work?
At Alchemy, we recognize that producing your video doesn't have to be a big production that disrupts your daily business.


Our creative videographer will meet with you once prior to the video shoot to discuss your needs and ensure that we understand exactly what will be needed to record the images that will help to tell your story. After this meeting, a general script will be provided for your approval.
The script will either be written script that will be narrated by you or one of our announcers, or a storyboard, as well as a list of the key visuals we will be recording at the shoot.


On the shooting day, our videographer will be at your location for approximately 60-90 minutes. During this time, he or she will record the key visuals identified as well as anything else that might capture their eye. Don't worry, you won't have to close up shop to make this all happen - in fact, a busy storefront is the best thing to showcase in your video. We will provide you with a release form and ask that you ensure that anyone who appears in the recording gives you permission to use their likeness.

We also have a large video stage with green screen for visual fx or changing the background behind the announcer. ( Like the weatherman )
Once the recording is done, our editing team will assemble your 30 or 60 second video. A low resolution copy will be shared with you for your review and feedback. You can make one set of suggestions for changes, which will be made if possible and then your video will be finalized for distribution.


A high resolution copy of the video will also be provided to you on CD ROM. This video is yours to use, royalty free, however you wish. You can share it on top video sharing sites including YouTube, Yahoo Video, Google Video, DailyMotion and more including your own website, and also on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and other social networking platforms you might be using.

Canadians watch more online video than anyone else in the world. 88% of Canadians spend an average of 10 hours a month watching online video. Reach your customers today in this quickly growing marketplace.

The Web Video Advantage

A well produced video has the power to boost your search engine ranking to the first page within hours of distribution. Online video is the most important trend in marketing and digital media.

  • Online video can be distributed to targeted audiences for a very low budget.
  • Creates a more personal interaction between a business and its customers.
  • Engages viewers on an emotional level, increasing the likelihood that they will buy.
  • Gives you the chance to get your face in front all of those potential customers.
  • Online video builds trust and lends credibility.


Please CONTACT us and allow us to show you how affordable it can be for you!

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