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Rock Recording & Production

Rock music production requires special attention to the the drum and guitar tracks. Vocal tracks need to be as perfect as possible, and often layered tracks are the answer here as well. Drums often need to be produced or have sounds replaced entirely. Guitars are often doubled up for a thick sound and often I will record 2 mics per take as well as the clean line-out for re-amping later if required.
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All Music Production - Sorry to lump all these genres together, there are so many different stlyes of music and each style requires a specialized production plan. We understand this and are dedicated to achieving the sound and feel that you need for your style of music.

Rock Samples recorded at Alchemy


Back Of My Car

Silent Army

Songs and Musical Performance by Silent Army

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Jeff Muller

Silent Army Website Link

Our experience at Alchemy was top notch. Jeff was affordable, friendly and down to earth. He offerred invaluable advice relating to the production of our songs and was patient and understanding during the recording process. Thanks again for everything Jeff!



The Path Less Travelled

Songs and musical performance by The Path Less Travelled

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Jeff Muller

The Path Less Travelled wrote - "Working with Jeff was a blast. Alchemy was our first experience ever recording in a studio, and it was very memorable.

Jeff is a multi talented instrumentalist who understands each aspect of recording, and knows how to push you to get the best out of your performance. Our record would not have sounded the same without him!" - Read More

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Often a band will record to a click track and try to get the drum track as tight as possible and then put a little extra time into production before proceeding with the the guitar, bass and vocal tracks. This is what The Otherside did with excellent results, they went on to win the 2010 CJay92 Radiostar contest!

spiral cd cover



The Shadows

The Otherside

Songs and musical performance by

The Otherside

Produced By Jeff Muller


Wild Is The Night


Songs and musical performance by Dextrous

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Jeff Muller



Stoning Mary

Stoning Mary was a runner up in the Rockstar 2009 contest

Produced By Jeff Muller



Island In The Sky

Diesel May is a great central Alberta rock band.

Produced By Jeff Muller

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