Music Recording and Production

Songwriter Recording and Production

Most of the time people think about production or producing as something that happens after a song or musical composition is recorded. Usually this is something best thought through as part of the writing process, rather than some unseen magic that will turn it into a hit in post production.

Whether you are a musician or not, we can help produce your song and find the right players to bring it to life. Here are some examples of Songwriters that Jeff Muller has worked with - as producer, musician and engineer

Vocal recording can be challenging, but at Alchemy Studios we have some great tools to help you sound your best! Top Quality vocal microphones with World class pre-amplification to start the recording process so that your voice is recorded professionally. We also offer vocal coaching and evaluation to help you make the right production decisions. Editing and vocal tuning are also part of the production process so that we get all the right takes, sounding thier best. Finally mixing and mastering are included in the price so that you get a competitive sound at an affordable price.


Smiling Eyes


B. Robinson writes - Got the discs they sound unbelievable. My wife cried. She was so touched. I cant thank u enough buddy. U made this old bugger sound pretty good. Thanks again. Jeff.

Song & Vocals by B. Robinson.

All additional instruments by Jeff Muller


8 Arms to Hold You

Donna Berdan

Donna writes - Thanks for all your help with the project. This was something I always wanted to do, Thanks for your input and expertise.I hope to work with you again in the future, The Music sounds Terrific! Thanks again - Donna

Vocals & Keyboards by Donna Berdan.

All additional instruments by Jeff Muller


How About a Candy Cane


Brian Pauls wrote this song and cut a demo in his home studio. Jeff took the basic form of the song, re-recording and adding drums, bass, guitars and keyboards.

Song & Vocals by B. Pauls.

All additional instruments by Jeff Muller


Knockin on Heavens Door

Len Carlson

Len likes to do things his own way, for this cover of a popular song we added Slide Dobro as well as drums, guitars and bass.

Vocals by Len Carlson

All instruments by Jeff Muller


Whe're You Going

Jeff Mojo Muller

Here's a sample of a song I wrote this year.

All instruments & Vocals by Jeff Muller


Tied to the Tracks


Vocals and Guitar by Tremenda, Drums by Dan Clayholt.

Bass, and Guitar Solo by Jeff Muller

Sally Titasey

Da Dum

Sally Titasey

Sally Titatsey sings and plays guitar, keys by Steve Fletcher.

Drums, Bass and Electric Guitars by Jeff Muller


Lost Train


Derwood wrote this song and plays harp and guitar. Lost train is a great Country / Roots song

Bass, Mandolin and Slide Guitar by Jeff Muller.

Jay Mohler CD

Silence is Everything

Jay Mohler

Jay Mohler writes, sings and plays guitar. Fretless Bass by Jeff Muller.

Produced by Jeff Muller

Every style of music has unique production requirements, I also record Folk, Roots, Country, Bluegrass, Blues, Acoustic, Pop, R&B, Rock, Metal, etc.

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