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The Path Less Travelled

The Path Less Travelled wrote - "Working with Jeff was a blast. Alchemy was our first experience ever recording in a studio, and it was very memorable.

Jeff is a multi talented instrumentalist who understands each aspect of recording, and knows how to push you to get the best out of your performance. Our record would not have sounded the same without him!" - Read More

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Empty Visionaries

Empty Visionaries wrote - "Alchemy Studios had great equipment to work with and it was easy to get in contact with them and set up a time to come in and record. Jeff had a good attitude towards our music and knew the sound we were going for."

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Silent Army

Silent Army Website Link

Our experience at Alchemy was top notch. Jeff was affordable, friendly and down to earth. He offerred invaluable advice relating to the production of our songs and was patient and understanding during the recording process. Thanks again for everything Jeff!

Hope this helps Jeff! Cheers!

Donna Berdan

Rob and I are very happy with the way the cd turned out. Thanks for all your help with the project. This was something I always wanted to do, Thanks for your input and expertise.

I hope to work with you again in the future, The Music sounds Terrific!

Thanks again - Donna Berdan

Brian Robinson

B. Robinson writes - Got the discs they sound unbelievable. My wife cried. She was so touched. I cant thank u enough buddy. U made this old bugger sound pretty good. Thanks again. Jeff.



Burden of Royalty - Symphonic Weather

burden of royalty

Burden of Royalty <> wrote: Jeff

I picked up the CD's yesterday. I just wanted to let you know how great the master CD sounds! Thanks again for all your time and efforts, I know I would bring any future projects to you for mastering as well.

Hellrazer - Calgary metal band

We recorded our entire 12 track CD at Alchemy studios under Jeff's
guidance.  Jeff not only brought out the best in all four band
members, but also had numerous excellent ideas to enhance our songs.
In addition, Jeff's level of technical competence is impressive, both
with regard to sound engineering and computer processing.  This also
showed during the mixing phase, giving rise to a final product that
exceeded our expectations.  On a personal level, Jeff is patient and
has a good balance between humor and the professionalism needed for
success. Altogether, this was a phenomenal experience, and we would be
happy to return to Alchemy studios for our next set of recordings.

Link - HellRazeR

Reeves College - Larry Keet

reeves college logo

Thanks Jeff. It is always a pleasure to use Alchemy for my voice over work. I appreciate your professionalism and your valuable feed back during our recording sessions. I look forward to working with you again!
Larry Keet
Regional Director of Admissions
Reeves College


Derwood - Singer Songwriter Christian Dales



  Working with Jeff on this 3 song demo project was a great experience. I had previously recorded these tunes on my own several times but knew that every time I mastered them they still fell short of their true potential. We worked hard for three full days on the songs and the end result didn’t fall short of a dream come true for me. A couple of these songs have been in my head for over eight years and I can sleep easy knowing that they are complete to the best of our abilities. I’m sure some would describe the experience as an arduous attempt at creating musical fusion, but I know now I have these well crafted songs that I can be proud of for the rest of my life. I need to thank Jeff for his mastery in many ways…. for the bass, mandolin, and lead guitar he added to my tracks, also for his recording, producing and mastering skills which I know for a fact were not achieved over night. I’d also like to thank Kevin Belzner, who was the studio drummer on all three tracks. He was great to work with, open minded and dedicated to the project until everyone was satisfied. Alchemy most definitely occurred to these songs over the three days we worked on them… if you don’t believe me I’ll e-mail you the originals, ha ha. Thanks for everything Jeff and I look forward to our future projects.


Link - Derwood

Dead Salvation

“Coming into Alchemy Studio as a first time recording artist, we had attempted unsuccessfully many times before to record our own work. We did not expect the relaxed atmosphere of Alchemy studio, which we found extremely conducive to the sound of the overall feel of our recorded album. Although we had only 24 hours to record a full 10 song album, we pulled it off with great results which I can only credit to our sound engineer, Jess Charlton at Alchemy studios. There was a lot of constructive input which really enhanced the feel to our overall sound in ways we didn't even imagine, and for that I am very grateful. I would recommend any recording artist to use Alchemy studios as a great place to enjoy, relax and record their hard work"
Best regards,
Daniel Levenson
Dead Salvation & Fetal Defilement

Links - Dead Salvation,

Train Bigger Monkeys - TBM Website

After almost 3 years of false promises and failed attempts to find a capable and reliable studio with which to record our debut album, which resulted in an absurd amount of wasted time and money, we had just about given up hope that our album would ever see the light of day.  Due to the loss of funds and patience we eventually decided to just do all the recording ourselves.  While more economically sound, the results were...   Well, let’s just say “noticeably amateur”.  We still needed someone who knew what the hell they were doing to mix this basement recorded mess into something worthwhile.  Someone who could accomplish what we wanted and wouldn’t make promises they couldn’t keep.  Enter Alchemy Studios.

Jess Charlton from Alchemy Studios was the first to answer our plea.  With a very limited budget and some very rough tracks she really made some magic happen.  Simply put, we were amazed at what could be accomplished with a real professional.  After all the grief that this project had given us there really wasn’t much else in this world that we hated dealing with more.  We just wanted to be done with it.  But Jess’s enthusiasm and attitude towards it all was a real breath of fresh air and actually made it fun again.  She really knew what we were going for and did everything she could to make it happen.  Not only is Jess a talented engineer, but she also had a lot of great ideas that we had not even considered that really took our songs to the next level.  She did some really amazing work with such limited time and resources to work with.  The end result was an incredibly polished, professional sounding album that was far beyond our expectations.

Thanks Jess for all your hard work.  We know exactly where we’ll be going for album #2.

Train Bigger Monkeys

Pauline Lynnes - A World Filled With HU
I’ve been working with Jess for the last 3 months on my new album and she’s top – notch! I know she hears things other don’t and for a sound engineer, that’s precious. She’s dedicated, hard working, extremely creative and easy going. That’s a bonus! I expect the impossible and Jess delivers – no questions asked! We have a lot of fun recording. Jess is going to be famous, it’s a good thing to work with her now and while her rates are still good.

-Pauline Lynnes (singer/songwriter)

McInnis & Holloway Funeral Homes Ltd - Website
I was asked to have an informational recording made for our annual Tree Dedication event. I had no idea where to start when I came across Alchemy Studios and Jessica Charlton. She was very helpful in suggesting great talent and voice demos for our review. This allowed us to choose a perfect voice for our event and she was able to schedule the recording on a time that was convenient for us.
I had contacted other companies before but they were not able to offer anything close to the great service we received from Alchemy Studios. 
The final product was well received by everyone in our company. Most importantly, we were proud to provide the families we serve with a wonderful recording sure to make the day more special on their time of remembrance.
We would like to thank everyone at Alchemy Studios for their time and resources and we extend our gratitude to Jessica Charlton for all her input in this project as well as her expertise. We will definitely keep your company in mind for any future media needs that we might have.
Thank you again!

Deborah Sedinger
Administrative Assistant
McInnis & Holloway Funeral Homes Ltd.

Bob Corriveau - Bob Corriveau
I cannot say enough wonderful things about Jeff Muller and Alchemy Studios. He is professional in every sense of the word and has created a positive and friendly environment. Jeff besides being an excellent engineer is also a very talented producer and musician. I definitely would work with Jeff again and I highly recommend Alchemy for anyone searching for a studio to record.

Dennis Ty - link to website

Dennis Ty wrote: Sometime in 2009 I decided I was going to try and put together an album of all the songs I had written.   I needed to find a good studio.   By luck, or fate, my first choice was Alchemy Studios in Calgary, Alberta, Canada,   This studio was run by Jeff Muller, a wonderful guy with a great sense of humor.  

It became obvious almost immediately that I had stumbled onto buried treasure.   Jeff Muller was fantastic in every sense of the word.  Not only did he have a way of getting into your head and knowing what you wanted from a song, but then he had the immense talent to pull it off.  You can go here, to see his work.  I can not endorse his studio enough.

Sandi Senkow - link to website

Sandi Senkow wrote: Recording at Alchemy Studio is a fantastic experience. Jeff Muller is an amazing musician, composer, and producer with an uncanny ability to get tuned-in (you name it he can do it).

Thanks also goes to Jeff for playing all of the instruments and singing the backup vocals. Jeff's ability to put music to words is invaluable and because of Jeff's expertise, Marsha L. Brown, Brandon Hills Music Publishing ( has accepted some of our compositions and forwarded them to the artist for consideration. I highly recommend Alchemy Studio; Jeff brought out the best in me and I'm sure he will for you as well (so go for it). Sandi Senkow 


Phyllis Wheaton - link to website

Phyllis Wheaton wrote:  'No Ordinary Cowboy' was the first recording I made at Alchemy. I was amazed with the guitar riffs he created on the spot, which as it turns out no one could duplicate, and his trained ear for harmonies and open mind produced a classic. 

Two dozen published songs later, I look back at Jeff's ability to take my raw song ideas and masterfully deliver instrumental and production ideas that has kept me eager to return to the studio to watch the mystery and personality of each song unfold.

Hear a sample of - No Ordinary Cowboy

Toni Vere - link to website

Recording with Jeff Muller at Alchemy Studio has been one of the most positive recording projects I've been involved in.  His talents as an Engineer, Producer and Musician made working @ Alchemy an adventure in creativity.  I didn't really set out with a plan, so to speak, and we managed to make our way from bed tracks to a finished project that I'm proud of.  - Toni

Well Jeff, It past all the tests..... and Toni says it sounds just great in the car.  So there we go......Thanks so much for squeezing us in to finish up the project.  It has taken a bit to find all the measures of where things need to be and the right sound for Toni's music and herself but I believe we have done that. Thanks you so much for all that you do, you are a wonderful man to work with.
We'll get things sent away and maybe take a breath or two and then start to brainstorm on our next projects, the dance mix and the video.
Take care my friend

Subliminal Rabbit Presents - link to website

Hello Jeff! I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the opportunity to record with Alchemy.Our experience was pure fire and magic. Ryan is incredibly talented...he is a valuable asset to your team. We would like very much to work with him again.

Check out our blog on which we posted a link to Alchemy:  We already have over 2000 hits on the blog.

Thank you again for your professional and inspiring collaboration.

Respectfully, Colin Menzies, Jean Snowden


The Otherside - link to website

This was The Otherside’s first experience in a professional recording studio and we’re glad we chose to work with Jeff! We couldn’t have achieved the results that we did without Jeff’s GURU recording expertise, perfectionism, excellent work ethic, and strong musical background.

Jeff’s willingness to explore the unknown brought ideas to the table that we would have never thought of and, as a result, our songs have a lot more uniqueness and depth.

From all of us here on the OTHERSIDE, we had a blast working with you Jeff and we look forward to more hardcore recording sessions with you in the near future!
Thanks DUDE!
Daniel, Eric, Graeme, Mat, and Dan - The Otherside

Hear The Otherside on CJay92 after winning RadioStar 2010- click here

Jay Mohler - link to website

Hey Jeff, just wanted to say thanks again for doing a great job on my album.

It was a pleasure working with you and I appreciated all of your input and direction. The studio I was working with previously wasn't delivering but you turned it into a record that completely exceeds my expectations. Thanks for all your work. Recording was a blast and the CD sounds great! -Jason

Hear a testimonial - Ghostown

Jim Whitstrom

Jim Whitstrom

Just wanted to drop you a few lines and say thank you so much for all the hard work you put in to helping me craft my songs. The final mixes sound AMAZING and I couldn't ask for anything better!!

The first time you showed me the preliminary mixes through your monitors, it was literally like listening to my dreams being played through them! Your patience and professional attitude are what made them so great!

So long as I'm anywhere remotely near the region of Calgary, I will be coming back to your studio whenever I record. The responses I've gotten from friends on the tracks are wonderful and I can't wait to record again with you in the future! You took both tracks to new levels. I cannot wait to get back into your studio! Thanks again Jeff!

Trevor Duvall

"Trevor Duvall" <>

My time with Jeff at Alchemy Studio was a real eye-opener to the whole recording process. In the short time I was there I experienced a heartfelt individual whom really cares not only about the music but also with the artists’ needs and natural development, all without any feeling of an institutional atmosphere, only a warm and welcoming environment. I believe Jeff and his assistant helps to bring out the best in any artist.

His approach and often times insightful advice has guided the way to a professional and pleasing end. I value the work he and I have done that has been produced into a demo I not only am proud of but believe in as well. Jeff's professionalism and hard-working attitude, both as a musician and as producer and in all he does, has left me quite impressed with the whole experience and tremendously satisfied as a client. The quality once finished far exceeded any expectations I may have had.

His eager outlook and willingness goes above and beyond and has left me sincerely looking forward to working with Jeff in his studio some time soon to record a full length album some time in the future...

With Best Wishes, Trevor Duvall

Cast in Stone - link to website

Cast In Stone

Thanks a lot Jeff, for all your time and hard work that you put into our music! Had a lot of fun and it was a memorable experience for all of us.

It's very helpful to work with a producer who's also a musician with a keen ear.

Very pro & quality work, reasonable rates, with an end result that EVERYONE was extremely happy with.

Cheers the beers!! - CIS

Diesel May - link to website

This is our first full length album, and recording at Alchemy with Jeff made the finished product above and beyond my already obnoxious expectations!

Not only did Jeff take the time to hone our sound, but had the patience of Gandhi when it came to getting just the right take; on every single instrument he put his ear too!
I spent all winter in that voicing booth belting out the tracks on the new album and Jeff's pro attitude and no bullshit work ethic has made every boiling-ass hour in that tiny, sound proof room worth it!

We will be back!! Thanks brother, you've got family in Diesel May!
Chris Jennings, Diesel May

Sound Gallery

From: Chad Williamson, Esq. <>
Subject: Testimonial from Sound Gallery...

Hey Jeff,
Just wanted to thank you again for the studio work. "Alchemy was the s**t. After only two records, we've learned that Jeff is one of the best in the business. Whether you've got a serious band or a new one, Jeff can get the best sound for your buck.

His strong background in music has helped us to produce some of the hottest
tracks in the city."

Perfect Pariah

Jeff you always outdo yourself - you did and do a great job!
puts a lot of other band's recordings on myspace to shame! thanks!!!

Perfect Pariah

Reckless - Calgary Hardcore Band

Well for starters Jeff is the most easy going well rounded producer we have ever worked with. It's thrilling to see someone with both passion for the music and very detail that goes into it, as well as patience and understanding for the most talented and put together musicians, down to someone who just wants to hear themselves play. We were extremely comfortable at Alchemy and will continue to work with Jeff on our future productions!

Mastering - Kerry Bueckert


I picked up the CD's yesterday. I just wanted to let you know how great the master CD sounds! Thanks again for all your time and efforts, I know I would bring any future projects to you for mastering as well.



Mastering - The MG42's

Hey Jeff,

I just wanted to send a quick email saying Thank you for doing such a killer job on those tracks. We all dig them.


(of The MG42s)

Mastering - The Trinity Project

Hi jeff

Hey Jeff we've been listening to the tracks they're awesome
Its greatly appreciated that you make them sound as good as you can considering the lower quality of recordings we give you to work with.
This sounds great! its got a more rounded feel to it. Thats kool how you can do that. We compared them back to back the guitar is a lil more ballsy it seemed and everything seems to stand a litle more in front. Were happy. Send over the final when you got a chance.


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