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A great sounding mix is impossible without quality sounds, this includes the bass of course. If you want to get a big, deep mix, paying attention to the sound quality of the bass is important.

Please feel free to use our basses if you like, we ask only that you respect the instruments, and make sure your hands are clean.

Of course you are welcome to bring your own gear, and we always encourage you to bring your own amps, pedals, etc.

Bass Amps

No I haven't made a mistake, that is a guitar amp, and I do use them often as part of the bass sound. I like to record 2 - 4 tracks and layer the sounds to get a sound that is big,warm and powerful, but detailed enough to be heard in the mix. If you have a favorite bass amp you want to record, please bring it in. I also like to record a clean line in using a radial D.I. box and another line using the sans amp bass pre amp which provides a variety of great tones, from Crystal Clean to Geddy, to Lemmy.

Bass Editing

Almost anything is possible, a good take is always preferable but occasionally you may want to fix something. Usually bass is easy to edit, align etc..


Vocals ( click for more information )

10 x 8 Vocal isolation room for great vocal, or instrument tone.


Guitars ( click for more information )

Check out our selection of amps and guitars


Drums ( click for more information )

A Studio Quality 6 pce. with maple shells and zildjian cmybols


Keys and Samples ( click for more information )

Weighted 88 key controller and some world class sounds.


Alchemy Studio - Created for bands and musicians, Alchemy studio features 4 rooms and an outstanding selection of gear and instruments.

Alchemy is a large 4 room studio with 22 x 18 control room, 12 x 18 drum room, 10 x 8 vocal isolation room and amp isolation room. World class mics and pre-amps. Ideal for Bands and Groups, with plenty of space in the control room, and isolation for all instruments.

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