Drum Production

Studio Drums

Drum Production is critical to a good sounding mix, especially with Rock, Metal and Pop. The Alchemy Drum Room was built to make broadcast quality drum production possible and easy.

Brand new - House
Drums. Use this Gretch Catalina 6 pc.Maple Kit w/Zildgian cymbols for
your next recording. This is a great sounding kit, already set up, mic'ed
and triggered. Included in the price!

Of course you are welcome to bring your own gear, and we always encourage you to bring your own pedals and cymbols, throne etc.

Drum Room

The drum room is 12 x 18 and features bass traps along the back wall, and a big window to see the rest of the band.

Drum Editing

We can edit whole drum takes, insert new rolls and fills, trade/exchange parts, loop parts, replace sounds, in short - do whatever it takes to get the drums sound you need.

Of course, there is no substitution for a good drummer playing well on a tuned and well mic'd kit, that is the starting point for every great recording!


Vocals ( click for more information )

10 x 8 Vocal isolation room for great vocal, or instrument tone.


Guitars ( click for more information )

Check out our selection of amps and guitars


Basses ( click for more information )

Don't forget the longnecks - we all know bass tone is crucial.


Keys and Samples ( click for more information )

Weighted 88 key controller and some world class sounds.


Alchemy Studio - Created for bands and musicians, Alchemy studio features 4 rooms and an outstanding selection of gear and instruments.

Alchemy is a large 4 room studio with 22 x 18 control room, 12 x 18 drum room, 10 x 8 vocal isolation room and amp isolation room. World class mics and pre-amps. Ideal for Bands and Groups, with plenty of space in the control room, and isolation for all instruments.

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