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Guitar Production

Studio Guitars

A great sounding mix is impossible without quality sounds, especially guitar sounds with Rock, Metal and Harder Music. Of course, when you are recording acoustic performances, the tone is equally, or possibly more inmportant since there are often no drums, or minimal percussion. The Alchemy Guitar Room was built to make broadcast quality guitar production possible and easy whether you need beefy electric tones, or rich and smooth acoustic tones.

Please feel free to use our guitars if you like, we ask only that you respect the instruments, and make sure your hands are clean

Of course you are welcome to bring your own gear, and we always encourage you to bring your own pedals, amps, favorite toys, etc.

Guitar Amps

Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier - 3 channels of killer tube tone, Marshall valve state for that marshall tone. We also have a Line 6 Pod for amazing clean tones, and just about everything else you can think of. There is a Marshall 4 x 12 cab loaded with 35 watt celestions, Or a custom Eminance 75 watt x 4 cab to choose from. One of my favorite sounds is to split the signal to both amps at once! Note the Royer r-121 on the the custom cab.

Guitar Editing

Almost anything is possible, a good take is always preferable but occasionally you may want to fix something. In the case of solos - sometimes extensive editing is required, sometimes it the only way to get that elusive "sound in your head".

We can pitch and time takes, even re-amp your performance to get the sound we need.

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Vocals ( click for more information )

10 x 8 Vocal isolation room for great vocal, or instrument tone.


Drums ( click for more information )

A Studio Quality 6 pce. with maple shells and zildjian cmybols


Basses ( click for more information )

Don't forget the longnecks - we all know bass tone is crucial.


Keys and Samples ( click for more information )

Weighted 88 key controller and some world class sounds.


Alchemy Studio - Created for bands and musicians, Alchemy studio features 4 rooms and an outstanding selection of gear and instruments.

Alchemy is a large 4 room studio with 22 x 18 control room, 12 x 18 drum room, 10 x 8 vocal isolation room and amp isolation room. World class mics and pre-amps. Ideal for Bands and Groups, with plenty of space in the control room, and isolation for all instruments.

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